Windows 8: Write Program - Overview

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Windows 8: Write Program - Overview

For Windows 8, there are freeware write programs.

For Windows 8, there are plenty of software

The modern Microsoft operating system has an appealing look and introduces some new features. Among the many apps there are also a lot of useful things that make additional software really unnecessary. The most popular word processing software on Microsoft operating systems still Microsoft Word. The popular writing program is available in many versions and is constantly being developed and visually adapted to the newer operating system versions.

  • Of course, Word works without problems on Windows 8, because it comes indeed from the same developer. Can not just bought a new computer with the appropriate software bundle, so you must pay Word course and this program is not cheap.
  • Fortunately you are not now in a quandary, because there are some free alternatives for the operating system.

Suitable writing programs do not always cost money

  • The functionality of Windows 8 includes some preinstalled apps, such as applications and games. The known writing program "WordPad", which you certainly already can from the numerous predecessors is also on board.
  • This you can easily call up your Charmsbar or see the Apps. For normal writing letters and various texts this free app is perfectly adequate and you can get the money for Microsoft Word save. While the WordPad is not so fancy as the familiar Word, but nevertheless provides enough features. For example you can write letters, have a choice between different fonts and shapes, images and graphics can use in documents and even units are available. The "small Word" should suffice perfectly for most tasks.
  • The free Freeware "AbWord" There is another alternative software for Windows 8. The software can be downloaded free from the Internet and install in a few moments.
  • The open source word processing software works all popular formats and provides you with a very simple menu with very many functions. AbWord sees itself as a professional word processor and underpinned this with its versatile features. There are various formats (among others doc), tables, objects and fonts. If you already know Microsoft Word, so you will clearly come directly AbWord. The law known writing program can even compare Word broadly and is for Windows 8 more than just an alternative.
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