Windows System blocks: pay or download - To delete the virus

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Windows System blocks: pay or download - To delete the virus

Help, if the system is blocked. Antje_Delater / Pixelio

Causes when in Windows, the system is blocked:

There are various malware that blocks the system from Windows. You will be prompted for both viruses to make a payment:

  • If your Windows computer is blocked or nearly useless because a virus scanner has supposedly found malware on the PC, then you probably have captured the pest "System tools". Indicator of this malware is that supposedly your PC has been scanned for viruses or spyware. You should download in exchange for money and protection software that removes the virus so that the PC is running properly again.
  • A similar version asks you to pay an amount, because you have loaded allegedly illegal software downloaded from the Internet. In the case is usually not required that you download something, but again you have to pay - According to the Note that you see on the PC.

In both cases, never pay and download never something.

Remove, place and pay Download

Whether you have the much more unpleasant virus system tools or whether it is the relatively harmless virus, which is called GEMA, GVU- or BKA virus concerns. it is difficult to a Windows computer that does not run, to get rid of a virus, because to use anti-virus software, the computer must run:

  1. Try a system restore. This is somewhat complicated because the usual way is blocked due to the virus. Drive down the Windows computer and restart it. Immediately press repeatedly the F8 key to access the boot options for Windows. Go there on the "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." A bar appears when this stops flashing, enter the word "rstrui.exe" one. Now you can restore the system at any time. If you're lucky, is now the virus, prompting you to Pay and Download disappeared.
  2. If that did not work, then you probably have on your PC, which sometimes survives the Malware System tools also the maneuver described. This can be removed in the case only with great difficulty by hand. The process is somewhat complicated, but it can be done even for beginners.
  3. No matter how you do it, the malware that blocks the system of the Windows computer, turn off, the problem has not been eliminated. Obtain from a secure site on the web, an anti-virus program and let this test the PC. You should also download the program "WindowsUnlocker" and thus check the system. This program does not have to pay.
  4. If you want to make it sure you back up your data when the PC is running again, and play the operating system on. Bring this up to date, the Adobe software and Java. Install an anti-virus and -spyware software.

That's all very complicated, but the only way, if the system of the Windows computer is blocked. and download Pay is never the solution.


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