Wine raclette - so choose the correct variety

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Wine raclette - so choose the correct variety

Wine and raclette that fits!

Wine raclette - so select it fits

  • Choose definitely a wine that you, even if he or perhaps not at all correspond to the following recommendations only partially. Namely make very morose to drink a wine with Raclette, the one to dry itself, is too acidic or perhaps too sweet.
  • The wine should not kill an already-rich and often salty raclette cheese, ie wines that large amounts of tannins or acids, fit rather badly for raclette.

Basic rules for wine selection

The basic rules that arise from it, maybe you could run thus:

  • Select rather a dry wine. People who love sweet wines rather should choose a semi-dry wine. Also to sweet wines harmonize not with the rather spicy cheese.
  • Choose a wine that does not contain too much acid, such as a Sylvaner or Pinot Blanc or a Portuguese Weißherbst. Riesling wines are generally less recommended because they have lots of fruit acid.
  • Traditionally recommended for Raclette more of a white wine, but there are also a little red or rosé wines now. However Select heavy red wines that may have been developed yet in barriques. So choose prefer a younger vintage, which fits perfectly with its fruitiness to the cheese.

You should notice

  • You have chosen a wine? Then buy the best bottle more and test the wine previously stayed at a piece of strong cheeses - especially if you have been invited to Raclette guests.
  • White wines and rosé wines should serve chilled, so these wines for freshness in the raclette meal. Even a light red wine You can be a little cool in the cellar, so that he looks fresher. Some red wines act at room temperature but quite difficult to cheese.
  • Ensure during Raclette sure that your wine is not in the vicinity of the raclette device and is heated there. Ask him best in a wine cooler.

And of course, you should also take care of mineral water as refreshment and thirst quencher.

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