With Amazon only display Amazon products - how it works

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With Amazon only display Amazon products - how it works

Amazon allows easy shopping on the Internet.

In addition to its own products provides Amazon other online shops the ability to also sell products through the platform Amazon. But if you want to purchase from Amazon, because you prefer the reliability or cheap shipping from Amazon, you can display only products from Amazon.

With Amazon only display Amazon products - how it works

How to display only products from Amazon

  1. Open the website of Amazon.
  2. Enter in the search bar the product one that you are looking for. For example, assume that you are looking for a camping chair. Click "Go" or press Enter. You can search the desired products in a predefined Amazon category. The following step 3 you can skip.
  3. Amazon now shows you various products related to camping chair. In addition, the left in the "Categories" appeared. Choose from there, exactly what you want. So Click z. B. on "Camping Chairs" in the category "Sports & Leisure". Now, you have reduced the results of the products.
  4. While located in the middle of your product offerings can be found on the left side of your browser more selection criteria arranged among themselves.
  5. A selection criterion of your products is "provider". Below that is a list of providers. Click on "Amazon", also located under this heading. Should Amazon even not directly under "Provider" appear, click "more". A list of providers opens and you can select Amazon. Now is your Amazon page only products offered by Amazon directly.

With Amazon only display Amazon products - how it works

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