With leveling compound or screed - touch it uneven floors from

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With leveling compound or screed - touch it uneven floors from

The use of concrete or leveling compound depends on the state of the ground.

Flooring work with balancing mass

  • Being located on the floor to be repaired irregularities amount to a maximum of 3 cm, you can work with balancing weight. But Pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions, because some products are to be processed only up to a thickness of 1 cm.
  • First you wear on the floor on a primer that you distribute with a broom.
  • After the primer has slightly dried, empty the up mixed balancing mass on the work surface. Hand them out quickly before it begins to solidify. Bubbles can be crushed with the broomstick.
  • Before you run to the balanced ground further work, you should wait about 14 days. Exact values ​​please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Unevenness offset with screed

  • Since balancing mass for the home user is easier to handle and above all much shorter drying times required, you should opt for screed processing only from differences in level of more than 3 cm.
  • There are many different types of flooring that can be laid by DIY enthusiasts, including cement screed and dry screed.
  • Although dry screed has unmatched advantages such as the elimination of drying time and the time savings associated; he stands on uneven ground but not the issue, because it can only be interpreted in a completely straight bottoms. The most widely used type of screed is cement screed, which is quite easy to install for DIY enthusiasts. However, caution is required, because this coating may be postponed only for areas up to 35 square meters, otherwise cracks may appear.
  • If you have applied the screed according to manufacturer's instructions quickly on the ground, pull it off with a ruler in order to avoid irregularities. Then, the flooring for at least 72 hours must be kept moist.
  • Enter the new flooring after about 72 hours, a final load is possible after about a week. Again, predominantly based on the manufacturer's specifications.
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