With PayPal perform a host of payment - how it works

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With PayPal perform a host of payment - how it works

PayPal is a payment method on the Internet.

PayPal allows you to pay guest

  • In this day and age of transfer payments through the Internet, the initially ridiculed payment with PayPal has established safe because more and more providers of goods, even large companies have their customers allows the payment with PayPal. If you are not quite sure how good the payment via PayPal works, you can just try again - with a host of payment.
  • For a guest payments first go to the website of PayPal. On the menu that appears on the screen, click the guest payment field. Then, some of the fields, which they only need to complete, such as your account number, the recipient of the money to the account number, sort code and use appear. Finally confirm this payment - and you have made your payment guest.

So you can be a new customer

After two to three days later receive your purchased goods, you can contact the seller again to ask how he was satisfied with the payment. He will most likely announce a positive response about your fast payment to remove your last doubts.

  1. Would you like to share your credit in the future with PayPal, so you can then log on as a new customer. This is also quite easy. You go back to the home page of PayPal, but with the difference that this time you click the button "New customer".
  2. On the next screen screen you will be asked for your personal information, including your permanent e-mail address and bank details. Confirm your data and only need to wait for a confirmation email in your mailbox.
  3. After about three hours you open your e-mail address, open the e-mail from PayPal and confirm the personal information by clicking on the specified link. A short time later opens your new PayPal account, in which you now log in with your email address and personal password and there use all features of PayPal.
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