With the car on Lake Garda go - Tips for a journey of discovery

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With the car on Lake Garda go - Tips for a journey of discovery

A lovely destination in Italy: the Gardersee

Discover Italy.

An attractive destination in Italy - Lake Garda

Italy for many decades already belongs to the most popular holiday destinations of the Germans. Mostly it attracts sun-seeking travelers to the Mediterranean coast of the country. But not only on the coast, it is beautiful, also on Lake Garda to spend nice and relaxing holidays.

  • Surely you know the Alps and you know that Tyrol is a popular destination for winter sports. Have you ever heard of the Trentino-Alto Adige? It is one of the three Italian regions where the lake is located. The Lago di Garda, which is Italy's largest lake with an area of ​​almost 370 square kilometers, that is in the immediate vicinity of the Alps, which is one reason that many tourists visit it because of its stunning and scenic location.
  • Water, mountains and Mediterranean flair, all united here. Be honest: What do you need? If you like to have it warm, then you should travel in the summer months on the lake. The warmest month is July, you expect average temperatures will be around 30 degrees Celsius. The coldest is in January, the thermometer then displays only fresh on average six degrees. By the way: In July you can look forward to an average of ten hours of sunshine per day.

If you want to see as much of the beautiful countryside and of the sea, then you should not just stay in one place. "Circling" You See the. Are not you with your own car on the way, think about a car - it's worth it. At the lake you will find different car rental companies.

Car on an expedition - Tips for route planning

To the lake lead quays.

  • On the west bank along leads Gardesana, a relatively narrow road with several tunnels. They will take you to Riva del Garde, one of the larger lakeside places over Gargnano Salò. A tip: Are you in Riva del Garde, then take a walk on the waterfront and visit then the city's castle (Rocca di Riva).
  • The road, which can be found on the eastern shore of Lago di Garda is better developed than its counterpart on the other side of the lake. The Gardesana Orientale, which takes you from Malcesine to Lazise, ​​is a wide and easy accessible quayside. In the town of Malcesine, the the poet Goethe paid a visit, you will find a remarkable castle.

These are just a few examples of places that are worth a visit. Obtain travel literature, so you can quickly find out where it draws you most. Mark the places you want to visit, on a road map, so you later remember they actually visit. You will see it is worth a trip to take with a car - there is much to see.

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