withdraw widow's pension - which you should be aware

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withdraw widow's pension - which you should be aware

Let pay the pension.

What is your widow's pension?

To determine a widow's pension, some factors to consider. Even if the woman dies at spouses first, this pension is called anyway widow's pension.

  • First of all, necessary to distinguish between the small widow's pension and the large widow's pension. The small widow's pension is paid when you trusts the government that they can support from its own resources your maintenance for the most part. This is 25% of the disability pension the deceased and if the legal withdrawal period of 5 years was fulfilled.
  • The large widow's pension is 60% of the annuity and is but additionally coupled to specific conditions. So you must be a surviving person at least 45 years old. From the year the minimum age rises gradually to 45 years.
  • Are children under 18 years are present, you will also receive only the large widow's pension if you then provide your children alone. But if you are incapacitated, so you automatically get the large widow's pension. If your spouse is deceased, you will get three months the full pension is paid.

Can you withdraw the widow's pension?

  • If you already receive a widow's pension, also this can not simply be pay because the pension insurance finally can not know how long you live. It is somewhat different from when you want to get married again. By creating remarriage automatically drops your pension away to the previously paid pension. However, you can apply for a so-called severance pay on your pension provider.
  • The pension provider will pay for 24 months, the gross pension in a lump sum and then your pension matter is done for you. Do you have a partner who is also a widower, and you want to marry this man, first drop your two pensions away. However, anyone can apply for you the pension insurance institution severance pay and cash out this. These are then the last payment for you.
  • Are you divorced already for 10 years and your ex-husband dies, you are not entitled to a widow's pension. However, you gain the balance is retained even after your divorce, which are available but not paid until your first pension.
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