Withered Lily cut - Instructions

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Withered Lily cut - Instructions

Autumn is the right time: Withered Lily it should be cut now.

Cut faded lilies From October

first A distinction lilies and daylilies. Lilies are bulb plants. You need after flowering some time to recharge your batteries. The expert calls the "move". These can be the inflorescences are up to the autumn.

  • In October / November you can cut faded lilies. The cut should be made with a pruner just above the ground.
  • Since lilies are slightly sensitive to frost, they will then receive a 15 cm thick layer of mulch of leaves or bark mulch. Otherwise lilies are easy to clean and prepare guarantees next year much joy.

Withered Lily cut - so it goes with daylilies

Do you want to cut off wilted lilies, belonging to the genus of daylilies, proceed as with other flowering perennials before:

  • The leaves are the first frost immediately limp and then no longer look beautiful. You can download the withered lilies cut together with the leaves.
  • The daylily remains in the soil and should not - unlike tulips or dahlias - to be taken over the winter from the earth.
  • Daylily seeds very easily themselves and grow on suitable soil quickly. Is the foliage removed, you should remove small Taglilienschößlinge equal.
  • A winter protection is not necessary.
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