Witness to a waiter Exhibit - what you should note

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Witness to a waiter Exhibit - what you should note

Were the benefits of your waiter satisfactory?

The job reference you should always consider and make a whole. Keep this in mind that the testimony should be overall consistency and no contradictions contained therein. When the former waiter nothing has been guilty, then you will see from when composing emotionally related animosities.

The certificate for your waiter may open him new opportunities

  • It is important for the formulations in the testimony, weigh the detailed job description with the evaluation of the performance and behavior of the waiter together.
  • If you only certify the waiter good skills, then the future boss asked during the reading of the testimony whether the new employee might a lack of expertise has that may not be enough for the job.
  • The reason for termination "mutual agreement" implies always indirectly the termination by an employer to. If you express your regret leaving the very qualified staff member at the end, this is inappropriate.
  • The art of the formulation of a job certificate is to be able to assess and note the missing or superfluous properly. But Be prepared to give a the usual formalities.
  • If the waiter has worked for many years well with your business, then you should provide him with a more detailed testimony. During a brief collaboration also only requires a shorter certificate.

Their formulations should generally benevolent

  1. In a letter of reference you should first provide information on the personal data of the waiter and then specify the entry and exit date.
  2. Describe the work and functions of the waiter, he was head waiter with responsibilities to other employees or merely a temporary worker? Particularly noteworthy are also special functions such as a sommelier.
  3. Their performance evaluation should bring the strengths, abilities and successes of your employee expressed.
  4. To assess also the training initiatives, the trustworthiness and loyalty of enterprises vis. Likewise, it is important to describe the social behavior towards other employees.
  5. Do not forget to mention, for which reason the employment relationship was terminated. Was it the own request the waiter giving the reasons, they had to fire him or was it both sides amicably?
  6. not Give up final thank-you and congratulatory formulations. Even your regret over the resignation and your good wishes for further progress should be expressed.
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