Wood cutting at Hornbach - that you should be aware

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Wood cutting at Hornbach - that you should be aware

Help for Fearful are in the construction market.

Find out for wood cutting

  • Hornbach as builders' merchant store not only offers a wide range of DIY products. Also the service for home improvement is very important here great.
  • Yourselfers who need their wood to measure can be make the wood cutting for little money in the construction market.
  • Professionals cut your wood according to your specifications to the millimeter and expertise with you.
  • Plastic-coated plates are also cut, as corner connections and cutouts of kitchen countertops and wood panels.
  • However, only a cutting of slabs with a length of 50 cm and a width of 23 cm is possible. Strips of wood or plastic must have a length of 50 cm.

be cut At Hornbach wood

  • It is best to buy your wood directly from Hornbach. So you can advise on the right material and at the same time you have them cut wood.
  • Conveniently, it is of course, if you have the measurements for your wood panels or wooden bars already at hand. Should this not be the case, or do not know how to measure, you can turn to the professionals of the construction market.
  • You will find this service mostly in the Wood Division in the rear part of the construction market. Signs will lead you directly there. If necessary, you ask a member of staff.
  • The wood is cut immediately. In the time in which process the experts the material to scale, you can browse at the hardware store.
  • Once your cutting is done, you can normally pay for it at the cash and carry.
  • The cost for this service vary by species.
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