Wood Furniture Restoration - with these techniques succeed's

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Wood Furniture Restoration - with these techniques succeed's

Restore old furniture itself.

Techniques for restoration of wooden furniture

Of course it depends entirely on the condition of the wood furniture that you want to restore. First, you should get an overview and clean the furniture thoroughly. Often it is enough to treat the furniture with polish.

  1. One of the most important techniques is likely to be grinding, localized areas of damage or dirt, you can out grind by hand. Often, however, must come down the entire paint. Use a sander or a belt sander, no way rotating grinding plate for this work. If you only want to grind the wood furniture made to repaint, use a flexible sanding block, sandpaper and sanding block.
  2. If there are broken spots in the wood furniture, it is easiest to fill in those with a matching wood filler and adjust with color pencils these places the wood furniture.
  3. Major damage must be worn with a router and replaced by matching inserts. These must also be optically aligned with colored pencils. If this is notwenig when restoring, you will need a lot of experience.
  4. Look for loose adhesions. Solve this if it is at all possible, entirely and stick with white glue again. Replace if necessary, wooden dowels.
  5. Pull clamping drawers. Old wooden drawers run in machined guides. If there swells slightly, clamp the drawers. Put no modern fittings a, but bear with sandpaper little stick, and grind this smooth. Rub with a candle in the guide of the drawer, this goes back.
  6. If fittings have loosened, turn either right, slightly thicker screws or better, unscrew the screw, push a smeared with glue match or a toothpick into the hole and tighten the screw once again.
  7. With most importantly when restoring that the wood furniture at the end leaves a clean and tidy overall impression. This also means that it will be properly oiled or painted with a material which has also been used at the old furniture. Check with a restorer, with any means, you need to seal the surface. Modern paints are not on old pieces of furniture.

The usual techniques by which you restore old wooden furniture is, so stick, sanding, filling and sealing. Milling will exceptionally safe must sometimes, but if you need to rebuild not exceptionally parts of wooden furniture, come without saws.

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