Working days of the month - the average number calculate so

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Working days of the month - the average number calculate so

Keep track on all working days in the month.

Business days and working days

Note that working days and working days are not the same in the calculation.

  • Business days are days on which by law must be carried out fully, ie generally every day, except Sundays and holidays (Monday to Saturday).
  • Working days are the days, is where usually actually worked. Depending on the industry, this is Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday.
  • Since the year 52 has Weeks and 2 Days, it also depends on how many Sundays were in the year, ie containing 2 weekdays fall the two additional days. A year thus can have 52 or 53 Sundays Sundays.
  • Since the holiday regulations in the various federal states are different, you also need to know the state from which you want to calculate the average working days per month. Only New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, German Unity Day, 1st and 2nd Christmas are uniform federal holidays. Depending on the state, there are more than these 9 holidays.

The only safe size that you have is that a year has 12 months.

To calculate the average monthly

  • A rough estimate, you can start from 365 days a year, of which there are 52 Sundays and Holidays 9. In industries, where is also working on Saturday, the statement does not differ from the weekdays. The year has in the case 365-52-9 working days, which also correspond to the working days, ie 304 working days, which corresponds to 25.3 days in the month. This bill can begin in retail for example. Statistics that identify more than 22 days a month, are always based on business days = working days, ie on sectors, is where also worked on Saturday.
  • The calculation is different, when not working on Saturdays usually, in the case you can expect 365 days - 52 Sundays - 52 Saturdays - 9 Holidays = 252 days, ie 21 working days.

Usually expected 21.5 and 21.6 working days per month because usually fall always some holidays on Saturdays or Sundays. Vacation days are not covered in this calculation, because it is about the day in the recording of working days being worked normally.

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