Working Youth Protection Act - that should be considered when a summer job

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Working Youth Protection Act - that should be considered when a summer job

Young workers are particularly worthy of protection. S._Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

The Working Youth Protection Act is rightly youth employment law (JArbSchG). Finally, the focus is on youth. A summer job is an important social experience where it's not just about making money. The Working Youth Protection Act contains all sorts of detailed rules, which are based on the type of employment.

Violations of labor Jugendschutzgesetz justify criminality

  • Unlike a Schulpraktikum proceed with a paid summer job a an employment relationship. To protect you from exploitation and abuse, must an employer the work Jugendschutzgesetz - or rather the youth employment law - note.
  • Do not expect that an employer on these protective provisions no consideration. If he fails the other hand, he risks fines of up to 15,000 euros and makes even punishable (imprisonment up to one year or a fine) if you have an accident at work.

Summer job for kids

  • Children under 15 years of age may not be employed. Are you older than 13 years, you may, with the consent of your parents, exceptionally lightweight and suitable for children perform work (delivering newspapers, babysitting, tutoring), unless you a day more than 2 hours in the time 8:00 to 18:00 for spend.
  • Up to the completion of your full-time compulsory education (9th grade) you are allowed to work in the entire calendar year as young people aged 15-18 years more than four weeks (20 days).
  • Your daily working time must not exceed 8 hours a day and be a week 40 hours. In agriculture, special rules apply (§ 8 III JArbSchG).
  • Works at layer time, do a day for 10 hours, in the catering industry, in agriculture, in animal husbandry and on construction or installation locations 11 h are employed. However, the employer must then provide at least 12 hours free time. He must also deal only during from 6:00 am to 20:00. Are you older than 16 years, you may be employed in the hospitality and fairground until 22:00, in multilayer holdings until 23:00 and in bakeries from 5:00.
  • With musical performances and theater performances you may contribute creatively to 23:00.
  • indispensable for you apply the five-day week. Employment on Saturdays and Sundays is accepted under certain conditions (§ 17 JArbSchG).
  • Piecework is forbidden you.

You may also expect holiday

  • You may not make for the time of your activity rata holiday contends. Are you at the beginning of the calendar year (not starting work!) Not yet 16 years of age, you have 30 working days to 17 years and 27 and up to 18 years 25 working days. Leave may not be paid out in cash.
  • It is important that you should not do any work in which you are exposed to health hazards or that exceed your capacity. Also, you must not be overloaded physically or psychologically.
  • Would you like to get details in experience, refer to the youth employment law. The law permits depending on the type of employment, your age and the requirements in the specific case, a number of exceptions.
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