Worn tires - as many points you get in Flensburg

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Worn tires - as many points you get in Flensburg

Who drives worn tires, risked points.

Avoid absolutely bald tires and check regularly that tread depth. You should also in winter have summer tires on your car, and this leads to points in Flensburg, you could avoid.

The number of points you get for worn tires

  • Who drives a car with bald tires, risking his own life and the lives of others.
  • Be sure to note that you are committing an offense if you partake in traffic with worn tires, you have to pay a fine and get points.
  • If you fall then in a traffic stop, so you have to pay a fine in the amount of 50 to 75 euros and get 3 points on their license.
  • If you drive with summer tires in winter conditions, will have to pay 40 euros fine and gets a point in Flensburg.
  • Handicap as the road, so you have to pay 80 euros fine and get a point.
  • Note that the minimum legal tread depth for summer and winter tires at 1.6 mm. A fine you have to pay only when the profile adduced less than 1.6 mm on the supporting tread

(July 2012)

To check the tire tread

Who wants to risk any new points on their license, should the wheels regularly check whether the profile is in order.

  • For this, use a tread depth gauge and hold it in the center of the tread. Be sure to measure at several points. You can then simply read the value.
  • Note that there are also electronic tread depth gauge.
  • Use winter tires, so you have bald tires when the tread has less than 4 mm tread depth.
  • Who goes hand summer tires, must not have less than 3 mm tread depth.

Lying Under these values, so you can get points on their license. Avoid fines and points and change your tires early.

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