Woven wallpaper glue - instructions for easy decorating

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Woven wallpaper glue - instructions for easy decorating

Woven wallpaper easily on a wall muster Stephanie Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

Before gluing the woven wallpaper

  • Fleece fabric made of a fiber structure in which no soaking is necessary. It does not extend when it is wet. Therefore, they can stick directly to the wall. Merely choosing the paste you should take care that this is suitable for non-woven wallpaper.
  • The substrate, on which you want to glue the wallpaper should be smooth, dust-free and free from cracks. If cracks or bumps are present, you should compensate with putty.
  • Draw for the first web a vertical line, the aligning with a solder or a long spirit level.

To glue your woven wallpaper on the wall

  1. Swipe a smooth, clean wall with the appropriate paste.
  2. Take the role of the non-woven wallpaper and set it against the upper edge of the wall.
  3. Now roll the length of the non-woven wallpaper that you need for the wall, from the roll. During the unwinding, you can even slightly press the wallpaper by hand.
  4. Cut the wallpaper on the lower edge with scissors, but better off with a utility knife and a ruler.
  5. Align the wallpaper straight and press them lightly with the large flat brush to the wall to prevent air bubbles remain under the non-woven wallpaper.
  6. Go to the following paths as before, as in the first.
  7. Roll. With the edge roller, the connecting points between two paths from, so that the edges firmly stick properly and they can not stand out after drying
  8. If you come to a wall outlet or to the doors / windows around, the wallpaper is cut simply directly on the wall and then pressed.

Also during detachment, the non-woven wallpaper over the conventional paper wallpaper benefits. The non-woven wallpaper is easy to pull off strip by strip. This leaves a thin bottom sheet of paper, which also can be removed without a trace by briefly soaking with water.

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