Wrigley's Eclipse - About Your Gum

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Wrigley's Eclipse - About Your Gum

Enjoy Eclipse, a chewing gum brand Wrigley's view Collectors / Pixelio

Find out for chewing gum from Wrigley's

  • Based in Chicago Wrigley's is the world's largest manufacturer of chewing gum, dragees and gumballs. On five continents supplied Wrigley's already more than 180 countries with chewing gum products.
  • 1891 launched the family business but initially with the sale of soap, to which it gave away as goods adding a bag of baking powder to its customers. Since the addition was very high popularity, the company finally switched to baking soda. Again, put the company at as adding chewing gum for its customers. Unexpectedly also received these goods adding more and more popular than the actual product, so that the company is completely switched to the production of chewing gum, such as the Eclipse brand.
  • With known varieties, such as Orbit, Hubba Bubba, Eclipse, Extra, Big Red, Wrigley's Spear Ment the company Wrigley's chewing gum performs numerous brands with an international reputation. In addition, provides the Wrigley's company also various sweets for the German market.

Eclipse, a chewing gum product of Wrigley's

  • Wrigley's leading his chewing gum product with the brand name Eclipse far only in the US market. Here the proper name Eclipse is always associated with the slogan "Incredibly Fresh Breath", which translates as incredibly fresh breath means.
  • The gum Eclipse since 1999 available as chewing gum in various flavors. Overall, the Wrigley's company sells in the US market eight different flavors of Eclipse chewing gum.
  • In addition, also the brand Eclipse is also marketed in the form of small fresh pastilles as a kind Pfefferminzbonbon since of 2003. However, the Eclipse-Sweet is only available in the following flavors: peppermint and winter frost.
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