Write a review - key points

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Write a review - key points

to write a review requires a good level of expertise.

  1. If you write a review, you must be less scientific requirements, but can prove your own opinion about a work on text. For this, you should have sufficient knowledge of text. Make already during attentive reading notes - either in the text or on a separate sheet.
  2. Basically, a review is divided into three parts: introduction (with abstract), review and recommendation. Although the review is not a pure Synopsis of the book, a brief content summary may be in a few sentences at the beginning. Alternatively you can before Synopsis easier for the reader to enter into the work by playing a matching about anecdote with which he can identify. It also includes stylistic peculiarities. What particular means, the author illustrates his subject? In that narrative tradition the book is classified and how it behaves in view of the complete works of the narrator?
  3. In the subsequent review, the elementary part of any review, followed by a critical evaluation with subjective coloring. The basis of your review should not be your personal taste sensation, but be assignable and so comprehensible for the reader of excerpts. Your vote you can put up in the form of theses which then deepen by decode it: ". The distanced report like character of the story is facilitating our theme" Be about, and then do it, in which ratio the subject of the story and the linguistic approach of the author are. How have you match? Or the reading experience gives precisely from the fact that you contradict each other and reveal the detached nature of the protagonist?
  4. Conclude your review by signing up, building on the previous review, for or against the purchase of the book you aussprechen.Bleiben but so far objectively, as you do not use expletives, but factually your reasoned opinion for or against the acquisition of the work play.
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