Write an offer a rejection

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Write an offer a rejection

Be friendly and businesslike refusals.

Write refusal of an offer - note value

Formulating a cancellation is helpful and useful because providers expect a feedback to your offer, be it a discount or pledge.

In standard formulations, the responsible use prefabricated texts they send the relevant provider. One reason for the rejection is missing in this letter. Therefore, standard letters are inappropriate.

For providers that information is important to the cancellation. You know the reason and get a chance to build a future offer different. Enter the relevant person hints that led to the rejection of the offer.

Send the cancellation in writing. Use the mail or send an e-mail with confirmation of reading. If you cancel by phone, write down the date and call flow.

Leave What impression offered? Formulate your rejection friendly and stay objective. Obtain the Service or candidates in your letter, and express to its offer. This demands time, helping your opponent and you. Sit down at this time again intensively with the offer apart.

Construction of a rejection

If you cancel a listing, you should formulate the rejection letter politely but firmly. Be careful when formulating as follows:

  1. Company sheet correctly labeled. Align your company sheet of address of the service provider a. The date refers to the rejection letter.
  2. Insert Subject. The recipient of the letter would like to know what is at stake. Use a subject line that identifies the bid. Be cause you issue a denial ( "rejection of your offer by ...").
  3. Providers write with full name. Talking Always with his full name to the provider. To do this, that you dealt with his offer and it is not a blanket rejection of many providers are ( "Dear / r Mr. / Ms ...", instead of "Dear Madam").
  4. Thank for the offer. Thank you. For the offer and show interest Do not let this but hinted that you might not accept this. Their formulations reflect a rejection and include a commitment from ( "Thank you for your interesting / wide / informative offer. After careful consideration ...").
  5. Expressing regret and call reason. Press the seller your regret and write a reason for the cancellation ( "Sorry, we're your offer does not take into account, as we have decided on a price cheaper deal or you did not meet the quality requirements.") , Remember that specifying a concrete substrate can also lead to a new offer. If you want to avoid this, you write that you have opted for another offer.
  6. Notify subsequent commitment. If you want to give an assurance at a later date, you give expression ( "We like to come in ... to your offer back").
  7. Patterns return. Mention if you got pattern and what happens with this ( "we will send you the licensed pattern back by mail").
  8. Bookseller wish all the best. Say thank you again for the offer and wish you the customer or candidate well on his future life ( "We wish you maximum success and all the best on your future life").
  9. Exit letter with Yours sincerely. Close the letter with a closing formula ( "Sincerely" or "Yours Greeting"). Do you want to create proximity to the service, you end your letter with "Sincerely," "Sincerely" or "Best wishes". Avoid phrases like "Sincerely" or "with esteem".
  10. Refusal to sign. Sign the rejection personally and do not use scanned signature. This creates proximity to applicants.
  11. Rejection letter dictate. Dictate possibly the rejection letter your secretary. Again, you personally sign.

Refusals and promises belong to the everyday life of a company. You will receive offers of service providers and applicants. Stay objective in formulating the cancellation and send back portfolios of candidates and patterns of service. Use a letter or an e-mail for your rejection letter. Do not use cliches, but formulate friendly, clear and brief. For a later promise you can check the receiver whether to keep the offer.

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