Write discussion in English - so it'll work

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Write discussion in English - so it'll work

Who writes a discussion in English, must not only know the language.

Write discharges of English discussion

  1. First read the English text to be discussed thoroughly. Highlight significant statements of the text. Write important information out of the text. When reading the argumentation.
  2. Write out unfamiliar English words, beat them to and record your meanings.
  3. Make reference to the labeled and out written text Ask a collected random outline on the property text.
  4. Enter the author's name and the title of the English text in the introduction of the English debate on. Discuss the text style of the English text as closely as possible (scientific publication, law, criticism, speech, etc.).
  5. Specify the date of publication and the publication of the text. Point to the source of the English text. Discuss the possible intentions of the author or a given occasion of the publication of the text. Grasp the text together concisely.

Main part of the English discussion - formal and content analysis

  1. After the introduction, you build on the summary of the present English text with a factual summary. The structure of the text has it become clear. Discuss the structure and linguistic presentation of the English text.
  2. Refer to the key words of the text, enter their meaning again and put it in the context of other terms and topics. Go also to nouns and clarify this in context.
  3. Always work close to the English text and prove your statements on this. Quote from the text in order to clarify the position of the author.
  4. It is equally important to identify characteristics of the present text style to the English text is. Discuss formal design aspects such as length, structure and composition of the text. Also pay attention to language and choice of words. Point to the use of rhetorical devices.
  5. Then deal with the topic proposed by the author of the text and discuss the position of the English text.
  6. Respond to the statement the author's intention. Ask its position fixed (neutral, certain opinion). Show how the author represents an optional position in the text and as he tries to present them convincingly.
  7. Ask. The issue in a wider context and discuss it in discourse

Write final discussion in English

  1. Point to possible consequences, achievements of the text.
  2. Involve itself position on the subject and the reasoning of the author. Argue conclusive. Bring examples that support your argument.
  3. Come where you clear position on the text to a result.
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