Write fantasy stories

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Write fantasy stories

For one day can conjure.

Topics for fantasy stories

If you have children write free fantasy stories, the subjects themselves have to be found. But so difficult is not it!

  • Imagine that you can talk to animals, trees or everyday objects.
  • Even with superhero abilities can write an exciting story. So you can conjure, fly, read minds or have a stealth. What opportunities can arise with such a Superman properties.
  • A day in a utopian, dissimilar world is also a great base. Let your child in the land of plenty, travel to Mars or equal to the past to the dinosaurs.
  • Let your child or your students imagine or write an alien encounter a futuristic future in 2500 or 2222nd
  • How would it be if your child could speak with one sock or pet? Or what happens if the child is so small at once, that it can go on adventures in the refrigerator or in the computer.
  • If your child think of anything, you can also specify terms, such as "Night Castle Spook dream" or from which a story has to be built "Teddy Bear Cat alive".

Parents can help when writing

  • Fantasy stories have the same structure as an adventure story, so have the structure introduction, body and conclusion on.
  • The story could for example include the words "one day", "It all started when ..." begin, "Sometime in the fall."
  • To finish up sets are like "Everything was to a good end." or "We all had to laugh out loud."
  • Consider together with your child the general structure of the story as it begins what follows and how it ends? Write down the process in brief on, on these notes to help orient yourself when writing.
  • Help your child when it has difficulties with the free writing. First, you should put only on the actual notional part value, then you jointly check the grammar and spelling. Go set positions by and check the completeness of the sentence, sentence by sentence.

Promote in everyday life your child's imagination by jointly devise bedtime stories.

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