Write letters from Santa to children - so make it work

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Write letters from Santa to children - so make it work

Mail from Santa: a welcome surprise knipseline / Pixelio

The feast of St. Nicholas on December 6 is a welcome opportunity to set the stage for Christmas for children. Traditional sets of Nikolaus night small gifts and sweets in the boots of the children or visited this up to read his great book, and to comfort the children, always behaving obedient and loving.

A letter from Nicholas - so you make these

If you can commit no Nicholas or want, so there is a possibility, your child or your children's group read a letter from Nicholas. Here are some tips on how to make this:

  • If you customize the letter from Santa for your own children, so this should be addressed in any case personally. Begin the letter so with a personal salutation.
  • In a group of children of the letter could begin "cat group of Catholic kindergarten Neustadt love" with the words.
  • Imagine yourself in the Letter to the children Nicholas and explain that you could not appear in person, unfortunately, because you would have to visit so many children around the world.
  • Let the Nicholas talk a little bit out of the lives of children. For example you can write that Nicholas has observed the children throughout the year and know that they like to paint, craft and sing. Explain. A story of everyday life of the child or of the everyday life of the kindergarten class
  • Be the Nicholas should the children first praise in your letter definitely, so that they do not develop fear of Nicholas.
  • Mention quiet but that it has also repeatedly given dispute among the children, and that you want to be Santa Claus, that the children tolerated better in the future.
  • Close your letter of Nicholas and good wishes and with the indication that this has brought a small gift to the children.

Design ideas for the letter from Nicholas

  • Use a nice stationery for the letter from Santa Claus, and write the letter handwritten with a pen. That feels authentic to children.
  • Provide the envelope with a wax seal.
  • You can use a longer piece light brown cardboard, which they roll up and wrap with a velvet ribbon and instead of a traditional letter. The children are curious insist that you read the letter.
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