WWW - Explanation of Abbreviation

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WWW - Explanation of Abbreviation

The Internet provides many different services.

WWW - Explanation of Abbreviation

  • The acronym WWW stands for World Wide Web, so translated: The global network. This is, however, contrary to popular opinion, not meant the Internet.
  • The explanation for this is that the WWW a retrievable via the Internet system among themselves linked documents, namely the sites is. These ensure through links that a network of various pages created, which is accessible and searchable via hyperlinks. In effect, the WWW describes only the part of the Internet, which is based on websites and which is joined together from site to site via links.
  • The WWW was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Switzerland. It was originally intended to serve the rapid exchange of research findings among scientists.

The WWW Internet

  • The Internet, however, is an older and inclusive structure of interconnected computer systems. Here not only the services of the WWW are available. For example, the e-mail system is not built into the Web service, e-mails can stand alone as a service of the Internet. The explanation is that the difference always lies in the transmission protocols used. Also IRC or Telnet are Internet services, which operate independently from the WWW.
  • To use the WWW Internet, a web browser is needed, which brings the appropriate data from a web server and represents. Are there links on this site, the browser can follow the links and represent the new pages turn. It does not matter where in the world on which server is which part of the site. Through this series of links is also the term "surfing" emerged.
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