Yoga - learn headstand

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Yoga - learn headstand

Exercise Yoga on a pad.

Yoga - general information

  • The yoga headstand is (get the organs at headstand for a moment the original position feeling of our prehistory) in case of complaints with the eyes, the circulatory (blood circulation problems), the nervous system and abdominal organs recommended.
  • Learning the yoga headstand, is not easy. The exercise provides for but heightens the sense of vitality and energy and acts when the headstand possible positive effect on insomnia, nervousness and discomfort of the respiratory system (asthma, common cold) out.
  • Make the yoga headstand regularly in fitting clothes, no jewelry (you also rings down), with the windows open, without time pressure and only as long as it is not unpleasant to you. Learn the yoga headstand with patience and you start it in any attempt slow and easy, and end it just as slowly.
  • Do not put yourself under pressure or under pressure to succeed, you focus on the exercise, breathe gently and completely normal and do in between breaks.

Mastering unusual headstand

  1. Place the carpet or the multiple folded blanket in front of him on the floor, if you want to learn the yoga headstand. Kneel down, sitting on the heels of it.
  2. Fold fixed for the yoga headstand your hands, you are directed to from the heel posture and place the folded hands in front of him on the carpet, the forearms also. The elbows are at level of shoulders.
  3. Put your head now with the apex on the carpet and slip the folded hands so your head zoom that it rests like a nest between carpet and your little fingers (inside). Do you want to learn the yoga headstand, you need to find this location as convenient because you want so remain in this posture may up to 30 minutes.
  4. Lift your buttocks slowly, you push off in any way. Then press the knee and slowly move your toes towards your head.
  5. Now lift off the toes off the ground, press the knees to his chest and balance out. Only then slowly straighten your legs up and stay upright in yoga headstand stand. Learn the patience, you will initially upset certain time and again.

So you can end a yoga headstand prematurely

You can cancel the yoga headstand at any time if you feel it as unpleasant.

  1. Slowly return to the previous position, stay for a while and then go back on.
  2. Learn to remain calm and relaxed, you can be a lot of time and you will not be impatient, above all. Let's head for a while hanging down, before you completely stop the broken exercise.
  3. Try the yoga headstand after a short pause again to get used to the sense of balance. Learn and internalize the wisdom: practice makes perfect.
  4. If you tip over when stretching the legs, try through various training exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The yoga headstand is primarily a power exercise.
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