Young eveningwear - Prom Tips

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Young eveningwear - Prom Tips

For prom you have to appear chic.

What is young eveningwear?

  • Among young Abendmode means the clothes, carry the young people on festive occasions. It is the evening wear, which is mounted at a young age.
  • Of course it is possible that you already wear as teenagers evening wear for adults. However, they act in more disguised as well-dressed and had better search for something that emphasizes your youthfulness and your type. More classical evening wear you can later still wear.

To dress appropriately

  • Young evening wear, in contrast to the classical variants be somewhat unusual. You have the option to bright colors to grab. Note, however, that the dress should impress with an exciting interface or an extreme color either. Both would be a bit too much.
  • Young girls with a cocktail dress that ends above the knee, well advised. This makes them look youthful and chic at the same time. A good example would be a red cocktail dress with deep Rückenausschnit or a black, tight cocktail dress that is embroidered all over with sequins. Long dresses act at this age usually somewhat exaggerated.
  • Also watch for matching shoes. These should either choose the same color as the dress, or be kept neutral.
  • Opt in Jewelry possible for quality and simple jewelry. A pearl necklace and pearl earrings always act appropriately.
  • Instead of a dress is at young eveningwear also a fine skirt with a matching shell no problem. However, it is usually difficult to find something suitable.
  • Young men should opt for a suit. A variant in black or gray is particularly suitable, since a suit after the prom can still be well used. To make the outfit youthful, you can select a colorful tie.
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