YouTube: "You are not authorized to access the requested resource" - what to do?

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YouTube: "You are not authorized to access the requested resource" - what to do?

On YouTube several videos are locked.

YouTube is a video portal, which is run by Google and can be used free of charge and without registration. By signing up, which is possible, for example, a Google + account, you can create playlists and upload your own videos. This is not possible without an account.

YouTube is an open video portal

  • YouTube is an open video portal, everyone, whether prominent or private person, can set a video. Some go around the world, but there are also a number of films that are banned because they violate regulations.
  • A locked video you can no longer call, regardless of where in the world you are. It is different with films containing the following error message: "You are not authorized to access the requested resource." These videos are blocked only in Germany.

You are not authorized to access the requested resource

  • "You are not authorized to access the requested resource" means that the video for legal reasons in Germany may not be shown. This applies to many official music videos. Reason for the lock, is that Google could reach an agreement with GEMA, the GEMA, not regular payments. Since all affected videos are locked.
  • In other countries, the laws are different, and therefore you see the video window with the error message. There are users who attempt to circumvent this barrier to the use of a foreign IP address. However, this is illegal, you should not try this.

However, you have one option, this error message legally to bypass: If you live in the border area and can log in using a foreign network, the video can be played. the provisions for the rights to the videos are not as stringent abroad.

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