Zwiebelzopf and Garlic braids - why and how?

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Zwiebelzopf and Garlic braids - why and how?

Multicolored onion braids look great.

The onion and garlic harvest was plentiful and you do not know what to do with all this wealth? Onion or garlic braids are made quickly and easily.

Why plait braids?

  • First of all, the harvest in pigtails is well accommodated. In this place, depending on the length, a lot of onions place.
  • The finished braids take away little space is needed for other stored goods. They can be easily hang anywhere - on the wall, on a beam under the roof, etc. - and just as easily removed again.
  • That the braids gotten through their design enough air and nowhere rest directly on a substrate, is another advantage. The bulbs can dry better and are less prone to mold growth.
  • In addition, these works of art look good. Have you ever seen at a farmers market a braided Zwiebelzopf? These are small masterpieces, and with a little practice you can do it too.

If the braids also particularly serve as a decoration, you are free in the configuration. You get a wide variety of braids by various Flechtmethoden and they can produce "designs" in the most varied, depending on whether only one or more - use onions or garlic bulbs with inside braiding - possibly even different colors.

The right lichen

  • to weave a normal braid with three strands, is no great feat. Of the three strands is always one in the middle, are placed over the then alternating the right and left strand. Here, of course, changes the position of the middle strand, ie for example if you begin to put the left strand over the middle, then from the left after completion of this measure, the average, over the right then the web is placed. This becomes the new center strand etc.
  • With onions can plait them by this scheme. The only necessary condition is that there must still be enough grass available. At least 10 centimeters should be there, rather more.
  • Start with three bulbs, they lay side by side, the average slightly higher than the other two.
  • then braiding you with the herb a few centimeters, which corresponds to only a few (1 - 3) right-left operations.
  • Take then the outside new onions. You can do the same or else start offset the onions the right and left.
  • The herb of the newly acquired onions summarize the old strands.
  • Plat continues alternately and work regularly new bulbs with a - the big top, the small bottom.
  • For large onions you can plat longer before you can take further to, for smaller is already after 1 - 2 Place Flechtvorgängen for a new bulb.
  • Stable is the braid, if you use three strings as basic strands. You start with these (50 centimeters should each range) and then braid the onions as described above on the right and left. This also has the advantage that you can make a loop as a hanger above and as decorative statements nor plait down a few centimeters without onions and such will. B. can work into dried flowers.

Onion and garlic braids braids as a strand

Not always the herb is long enough that you could braid it. Also garlic is not as good for the conventional Flechtmethode because it is harvested when the herb is dry, and this would therefore break the lichen. For garlic and onions with little herb so you will need a different solution and is called "onion strand".

  • Make a BaststĂĽck or another braid of half a meter in length, a loop and attach them to stable.
  • Knots. In the lower end of the first bulb or the first of garlic
  • Turn the first bulb and attach above this the next. Turn it back and tie a the next. To process continues: twirl, knot, twirl ...
  • Another possibility is to use a fixed taut string with another string, the bulbs are tied to the.
  • These strands must not hang bored, they can very well be put into a circle.

With a little practice you will achieve beautiful results. Experiment with different colored tubers, the results are impressive.

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